DPI Sekur C607 TWIN full face mask with twin filter

DPI Sekur C607 TWIN Mask

Main components

  • Synthetic rubber face piece with wide internal seal for a tight fit and adjustable fasteners for the attachment of the harness (patented).
  • Wide field of vision and distortion-free visor made of polymetacrilate, with fiberglass reinforced synthetic resin frame, easily replaceable.
  • Inner mask with non-return valves.
  • Threaded connector conforming with European EN 148/1 standard, positioned centrally below the speech diaphragm.
  • Two exhalation valves with compensating pre-chambers.
  • Five straps elastic harness made of rubber, with quick-release buckles; neck strap for suspending when not in use.

Main features

  • Materials used are not likely to cause allergies or irritations to the wearer's skin.
  • Good adaptability to most faces.
  • Leakage less than 0.05% corresponding to a protection factor of over 2000.
  • Wide field of vision, in excess of 72% of the natural field of vision and beyond 93% of the overlapped field of vision.
  • Excellent demisting system.
  • Breathing resistance (1.8 mbar during inhalation and 2.0 mbar during exhalation at a flow rate of 160 l/min), well below standard approval maximum limits.
  • Reduced dead space (less than 50% of maximum allowed).
  • Excellent voice transmission thanks to the frontal position of the speech diaphragm, which allows utilisation of a telephone, walky-talky and public address device.
  • Good flame and radiant heat resistance: the mask is self-extinguishing and maintains full protective capacity even after very severe test (approved according to DIN 58646/10).
  • Standard visor made of high-impact resistance polycarbonate resistant to acids, even at high concentration. Options:
    a) Polymetacrilate visor, particularly suitable for protection against alkaline splashes.  
    b) Multilayer safety glass visor especially resistant to paints and solvents.
  • Quick and easy to don and doff. Neck harness allows comfortable ready for use carrying of the mask.
  • Long storage durability, high resistance to ozone. Main components made from synthetic resin suitable for exposure to both low and high temperatures and
    unaffected by humidity.
  • Easy to maintain, clean and sanitise. All components can be disassembled without special tools.
  • Compatible with the use of safety helmets.
  • Weight: approx. 580 g.

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