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TFT introduces new remote BIV with industry’s largest waterway

TFT introduces new remote BIV with industry’s largest waterway

Task Force Tips' new remote controlled Jumbo Ball Intake Valve (RC BIV) not only sets new standards with the industry's largest waterway, but it also breaks the friction loss barrier, giving up as little as 3 psi @ 2,000 gpm.

“The remote control cuts down on firefighters having to climb up and down the truck,” said Rod Carringer, TFT's vice president for sales & marketing.  “While the increased size allows a better match to your inlet, giving you a less restricted flow.  It's a win/win design development that lends itself to top-mount pumps, as well as trucks with larger (gpm)  pumps.”

Nearly a year in development, the newest member of TFT's RC  (remote control) group sailed through prototype field trials.  Using the top selling BIV with its 3-5/8th inch waterway as the industry's benchmark, mechanical engineers doubled the waterway size, while adding less than an inch in unit height and 1-½ inch in length.

“The 30 degree elbow swivels 360 degrees, allowing hose connections from any direction with minimal kinks and coupling stress,” Carringer explained.  “It also has TFT's triple coating protection, meaning that it's been powder coated, poly impregnated and hardcoat anodized.  Some think of that as overkill.  But that protection is what allows all of our BIV's to work for years under extreme conditions.

“And I know that everyone has heard about, read about or bought other electronic devices that have trouble with corrosion and water impregnation,” Carringer said.“ At TFT, we have a track record of rugged dependability and innovation, as well as a full five-year warranty.  TFT's design engineering group has gone to great lengths to assure an airtight seal.  That, along with the triple coating, gives us an edge in design, quality, and durability.”

The prewired RC unit is easy to install. “Basically, you hook two wires to your power supply,” Carringer said.“ Two buttons on the control panel operate the valve, and there's an LED display to show the position of the valve.  Then there's 10 foot of wire between the BIV and the control box.”

The unit ships in the “Manual Mode” cycle, where the operator has to press and hold the button to open or close the BIV.  When switched to the “Automatic Mode,” a momentary press of the button moves the unit into the open or shut position.

For apparatus with smaller  (4” and 4 ½”) intake valves, TFT has two adapter rings that are featured in its new catalog.  For information about adapter rings, the BIV, the RC BIV, the Jumbo BIV, or the RC Jumbo BIV, phone TFT at (800) 348 - 2686 or visit TFT's website at


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