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Task Force Tips shortens product development time for life-saving fire hose nozzles with Adept document management

Task Force Tips shortens product development time for life-saving fire hose nozzles with Adept document management

Task Force Tips is a worldwide leader in providing firefighters.  With nozzles that constantly adjust to the varying pressures of the water hose
line.  "Our products are used in life and death situations, so reliability is
of utmost importance in allowing fire fighters to do their jobs and return home
safely," said Scott Akins, vice president of New Product Development, Task Force Tips (TFT).  "Being able to deliver products quickly is important to our

 TFT turned to Adept document management software from Synergis Software for the increased efficiencies it could bring to their business -- better document control, change management, and approval processes.

TFT also does a significant amount of custom modifications for specific
customers.  "This 'customerisation' gives the company a competitive advantage," added Akins.  "Adept helps us make product modifications quickly while keeping control of the documentation."

Adept offers unique capabilities to meet TFT's needs

When evaluating document management solutions, TFT's selection criteria were clear.  "We looked for a full-featured, reliable product at a reasonable
price with good service and support," said Akins.

"Our selection was weighed heavily by three criteria: First, Adept does
not encrypt our files.  As an engineer I believe things can break - so if all our
files are encrypted and something in the PDM system would have a bug or
break, it's still possible to get to the files.  Second, Adept's API gave
us the ability to develop an integration with our custom MRP system.  And
lastly, Adept could handle a wide variety of files, not just CAD files," added

TFT faces similar document management processes and challenges as other
manufacturers.  Akins explains, "We need to keep accurate drawings and be
able to track the changes to those drawings, including the bill of
materials, relationships and how they go together.  Adept really helps
speed up the processes and gives us more confidence the document we are dealing with is the right document. It helps us on the workflow, knowing when things are approved and allowing teams to collaborate with a clear 'Check In' and 'Check Out' system for documents."


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