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System Sensor Europe upgrades its Series 6500 intelligent beam detectors

Published on 15 March 2012
System Sensor Europe has upgraded its Series 6500 intelligent beam detectors by porting the digital Advanced Protocol
System Sensor Europe's 6500 Series detector protects up to 1500 square meters

System Sensor Europe has upgraded its well-established Series 6500 intelligent beam detectors by porting the digital Advanced Protocol, which has numerous benefits that improve performance and reduce the total cost of installation and ownership.

Each 6500 Series detector protects up to 1500 square meters, making it very effective in protecting shopping centre atriums, concert halls, historic buildings, warehouses and other large areas with high ceilings.

The System Sensor Advanced Protocol identifies the product type to the panel, reducing configuration time. It supports up to 159 detectors and 159 modules on a loop, reducing cabling costs; remotely controllable isolation is built-in to reduce cable fault-finding time. Access to the processed and raw sensor data enables trend logging and maintenance intervals to be optimised for maximum efficiency. It also enables the control panel remotely to change the sensitivity setting and implement remote testing from ground level, saving considerable costs when commissioning and during routine maintenance. The 6500 Series has four fixed and two automatically variable sensitivity settings, enabling it to be optimised to the operating environment. Loop and externally powered intelligent versions are available, as are conventional units.

The 6500S features the unique AssureTest patented remote test capability that fully tests both the optics and the electronics of the device without having directly to access the unit. A filter is electromechanically introduced into the optical path, attenuating the beam and causing the unit to go into alarm. Unlike procedures that merely test the unit’s electronics, this test process satisfies the regulatory authorities by providing a complete check of every component in the alarm path without the need for access at high level. The filter is remotely activated from the control panel; given that the majority of beam detectors are likely to be installed at a considerable height, considerable time and cost is saved during routine maintenance. Initial alignment and setup is a simple operation for one man.

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