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Survey ranks Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority high on public satisfaction

As part of the assessment, a residents’ survey found that over 81% of people in KMFRA were satisfied with the service
The Audit Commission's 'One Place' data shows that KMFRA performs well
As part of the assessment process, a residents' survey found that over 81 per cent of people in Kent and Medway were satisfied or very satisfied with the service.

The Audit Commission's 'One Place' data published online on 9 December shows that Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority (KMFRA) performs well, has strong leadership and manages its finances effectively.

KMFRA Chairman Bryan Cope said: "I welcome the Audit Commission's recognition of the good work of our Authority, in particular that we manage our finances effectively and are doing a good job in reaching out to the most vulnerable in the community. I congratulate all of the staff at Kent Fire and Rescue Service and look forward to continuing to provide an outstanding service to local people."

Kent Fire and Rescue Service Chief Fire Officer Charlie Hendry said: "I know how hard our staff work to provide the best possible service and so I am delighted that 81 per cent of local people questioned in the Place Survey, said they are satisfied with our service. However we are never complacent and we will continue to strive to improve, deliver good value and work to make this a safer area for everyone."

Highlights of the Audit Commission's Organisational Assessment include:

Preventing fires and accidents

"The fire authority's investment in preventing fires and accidents is showing good results. Last year saw the fewest number of fires for more than ten years. There were 14,033 home safety visits last year against a target of 8,050....33.6 per cent were at high risk properties, 41 per cent of the checks were to people of retirement age and 15 per cent were to disabled people. This means that more vulnerable people are getting the safety advice they need."

Responding quickly when you need us

"The authority's response to emergencies improved last year. Firefighters got to 90.5 per cent of fires within 10 minutes, which was better than the standard of 90 per cent. Firefighters also attended traffic accidents quicker than last year."

 Firefighters got to 90.5 per cent of fires within 10 minutes, which was better than the standard of 90 per cent

Dealing with major incidents

"The fire authority is ready and prepared to deal with major incidents. The Channel Tunnel fire in September 2008 lasted 21 hours and involved over 100 Fire fighters from Kent. Excellent plans that the fire authority set up in case of such a fire meant there were no serious injuries."

Innovate and improve

"The fire authority is innovating and improving. This includes electronic equipment that tell firefighters the type of buildings they might have to deal with in a fire."

Care for the environment

"Levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide from its buildings and vehicles have reduced by 14 per cent. And by using compressed foam to put out fires as an alternative to water when it can, 80 per cent less water is needed."

Place Survey : 2008 Public satisfaction rating with Kent Fire and Rescue Service

As part of the assessment process, local authorities in Kent carried out a survey of residents.  81.4 per cent of people living in Kent and Medway were satisfied or very satisfied. This was higher than the average for the country as a whole and also higher than previous similar satisfaction surveys for KFRS.

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