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Prysmian’s FP600S gains NEW LPCB approval

Published on 5 May 2009

Prysmian's enhanced performance fire-resistant power cable, FP600S, has now been certified compliant with BS 7346-6:2005 & test standard BS 8491:2008
Prysmian's FP600S fire-resistant power cable has gained new LPCB approval
Fire-resistant cable product achieves new certifications

Prysmian's enhanced performance fire resistant power cable, FP600S, has been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) for compliance with BS 7346-6:2005 and the new test standard BS 8491:2008 for smaller cross sections. This means that the most popular cable sizes in the FP600S range all now have independent third party approval.

Large cross section, four core cables in the FP600S range gained approval from LPCB last summer. Now two, three and four core FP600S cable with cross sections of between 10-70mm² also hold certification from LPCB, as does FP600 two, three and four core 4mm² and 6mm² cable.

Approved Document B of the Building Regulations states in clause 5.38 "In large or complex buildings there may be fire protection systems that need to operate for an extended periods in a fire." By choosing Prysmian's FP600S cable, specifiers can be confident that the cable meets all the necessary requirements of Approved Document B of the building regulations as it complies with BS 7346-6. The standard ensures that the cable complies with the requirements for "protected power circuits" given in the 2006 edition Approved Document B Fire Safety of the Building Regulations 2000.

BS 8491:2008 is a new test standard affecting the choice of fire resistant cables. It is the "Method for assessment of fire integrity of large diameter power cables for use as components for smoke and heat control systems and certain other active fire safety systems". Cables approved to the requirements of BS 8491 including the maximum 120 minute rating, are already being used and are subject to growing interest for use in large and complex buildings where the superior level of resistance to fire with direct impact and water jet is appropriate.

FP600S, with its galvanized steel wire armour, is designed specifically to meet the more onerous fire survival requirements now being requested by regulators and specifiers for life safety systems, property protection and fire fighting systems in large and complex buildings.

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