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Perfect Uniforms launch PinnacleEcoSeries series of uniforms

Published on 8 January 2010
Recycled fabrics lead to an
eco-appopriate range 

Perfection Uniforms, which has pioneered the field of eco-friendly uniforms has introduced the PinnacleEcoSeries series of uniforms.

While safety, fit, form and function are all prerequisites for creating the perfect public safety uniform, now departments have the option of making their uniforms also environment-friendly.

Perfection Uniforms, which has pioneered the field of eco-friendly uniforms has introduced the PinnacleEcoSeries series of uniforms. The PinnacleEcoSeries is the evolution of the company's 2009 MatrixEcoSeries, their best selling line of poly/cotton blends, which was the first to use recycled polyester.

The PinnacleEcoSeries will also use recycled yarn. The recycled fabrics in both EcoSeries are provided by Repreve, a North Carolina-based company dedicated to providing sustainable materials. "Quality and integrity are important in introducing a line of environmentally responsible uniforms, which is why we selected Repreve," Steve Gilkeson, Perfection's executive vice president, said. "Manufacturing uniforms made from Repreve is simply the right thing to do and it encourages the responsible use of public funds in the purchase of agency uniforms; it's an investment in serving the greater good."

In addition to being environmentally conscious, the PinnacleEcoSeries has also been crafted to be functional. It is made with a poly/cotton blend that features Perfection’s NanoTex technology designed to resist spills.

Perfection Uniform's PinnacleEcoSeries features technology to resist stains and spills and is also made from recycled materials

The uniforms are treated with Perfection's "H2UltraDye" process to provide color depth by pushing color through the thread instead of staining it. Their "H2Flex" process is intended to provide comfort by engineering stretch in the garment. The PinnacleEcoSeries also features underarm gussets and the company's trademarked sleeve crease.

With advances in sustainable material technology, Perfection claims their uniforms' eco-friendly fibers are absolutely indistinguishable from non-sustainable counterparts. The recycled polyester in both the MatrixEco and PinnacleEcoSeries uniforms come from plastic bottles that might have otherwise taken up space in a landfill, as well as reducing our reliance on new petroleum.

According to Perfection Uniforms, their goal is to eventually make all of their uniform products sustainable. They also point to the public relations lift a department can receive by going green.

"The concept of environmental stewardship is very compatible with the mission of governmental agencies…and one that taxpayers recognize and appreciate," Gilkeson said.

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