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New Linear Heat Detector from Total Walther Operates Even in Adverse Environmental Conditions

Published on 16 December 2008

Total Walther, part of Tyco International and one of the leading providers of fire protection solutions in Germany, is now offering the ZX SensorLaser Plus, a linear heat detection system which detects fires quickly and accurately even in difficult conditions.

Long and complex structures such as traffic and supply tunnels, cable lines and conveyor belts as well as large structures such as production halls, refrigerated warehouses and multi-storey car parks can be monitored for fire using the ZX SensorLaser Plus. As the whole system can be maintained using a controller unit, the ZX SensorLaser Plus can also be used in areas which are difficult to access, such as raised floors.

Overview of the ZX SensorLaser Plus features:

  • Up to eight kilometres can be monitored per sensor cable which is currently unmatched on the market.
  • Each sensor cable can be split into 256 zones and up to five alarm criteria can be selected for each zone. The ZX SensorLaser can therefore be adjusted to the changing and often highly variable environmental conditions along a long stretch of cable. For example, the system can be configured to activate a black ice warning if the temperature falls below a predefined level in a specific zone in a tunnel or if the temperature drops dramatically within a short length of time.
  • Another unique feature of the ZX SensorLaser Plus is that it uses a class 1M laser with a particularly low output. The laser beam is therefore safe for the eyes and safe to use in the event of a broken cable. Consequently, the sensor cable is suitable for use in areas at risk of explosion up to Zone 0 without further measures being required.
  • It can be easily integrated with existing systems and connected to a network using Modbus, transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), file transfer protocol (FTP) or standard commands for programmable instrumentation (SCPI) interfaces.
  • The sensor cable does not require maintenance and its robust properties make it resistant to dust, dirt, damp, high temperatures, pressure, vibration, wind and corrosive environments. Even electro-magnetic fields created by generators, energy lines, cables or electric motors do not affect the performance of the ZX SensorLaser Plus.
  • The ZX SensorLaser Plus is approved by the German Property Insurers' Association (VdS) based on standard EN 54/5-A1.

Owing to its resistance to environmental conditions, the ZX SensorLaser Plus is particularly well-suited to almost all industrial applications including mining, the chemical industry, refrigerated warehouses, production halls, machines, conveyor belts, tunnels and nuclear power stations. It also functions perfectly in proximity with mobile telephone and radio transmitters, overhead contact lines, transformers and generators.

"An accurate and reliable fire detection system is essential for discovering fires early," explains Roland Y. Billeter, General Manager of Tyco International's fire and security operations in Germany, which comprise Total Walther and ADT. "The ZX SensorLaser Plus provides precise information about the location, size and spread of a fire in environmental conditions where other fire detection systems would malfunction."

Total Walther can offer a variety of product options for the ZX SensorLaser Plus, enabling the ideal solution to be provided for all structure sizes and requirements.

The latest product option for the system is FLAMEVision - a range of infrared array-based flame detectors for industrial and commercial applications. With its special sensor array, FLAMEVision provides enhanced flame detection and ensures fewer false alarms. An integrated closed circuit television (CCTV) option also enables the user to respond to incidents quickly. FLAMEVision has a detection range of over 50 metres and a field of view of over 90°, monitored by 256 infrared sensors. These sensors enable separate detection of flames and other sources of danger. It is highly sensitive to flames thereby increasing the probability of detecting hydrocarbon fires early over a longer range.

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