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Nano fire detection control panel now supports Gent’s EN54-23 visual alarm devices

Published on 7 June 2016
New update of Nano control panel has increased flexibility
EN54-23 VAD is designed to protect the deaf or hard of hearing and those working in areas of high ambient noise

Gent by Honeywell has announced the latest upgrade of its innovative Nano fire detection control panel. The third version of Nano is packed with features that are designed to make the lives of installers and end users easier, as well as a number of significant improvements to its capability and functionality.

EN54-23 VAD Support

Nano now supports all of Gent’s EN54-23 visual alarm devices (VADs) from the S-Cubed and S-Quad ranges. Designed to protect the deaf or hard of hearing and those working in areas of high ambient noise, EN54-23 was introduced in order to set stricter guidelines on the installation and performance requirements of VADs. Gent has ensured that those requiring advanced fire sensing and evacuation options in smaller applications can benefit from using Nano, which now controls up to 60 loop powered VADs in standard power mode and provides unrivalled coverage of C-3-10 for ceiling devices and W-3-8 for wall devices.

Higher Flexibility

In addition, Gent has taken the opportunity to increase the flexibility of Nano, with the option to configure the cause and effect with the spread of fire in a building to meet the operational needs of markets across the world.

User friendliness and ease of operation are always at the forefront of Gent’s devices, and any ideas to improve this aspect of their design are always implemented. As a result, inputting personal identification numbers (PINs) has just become much simpler thanks to the visual display of numbers rather than asterisks, adding clarity to the process. It is also possible to negate the use of access codes entirely, as Gent has introduced interoperability with the company’s S4-34418 key switch interface, which allows users to simply insert a key into a box located next to the panel. This enables quick and easy access for procedures such as deactivation and testing.

‘Our desire to offer compliance to EN54-23 was a major driver behind this latest version of Nano and I’m delighted that we can now provide this across our entire range of fire detection control panels,’ commented Ben Wolf, Product Marketing Manager at Gent. ‘While we were in the process of making this major improvement, we were also able to implement many of the changes requested by our valued partners during our regular customer feedback sessions. The results are sure to benefit those wishing to use one of the most advanced control panels of its kind on the market today.'

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