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GGP Systems software set to improve national address database system

The National Land and Property Gazetteer uses GGP's software to store information from the Fire and Rescue Services, Police Forces and County Councils
GGP's software will help Fire and Police services source accurate addresses quickly

Software from GGP Systems will underpin a new initiative to improve the accuracy of data held in the national address database helping Fire and Police services in England and Wales get to the right address, first time.

Information gathered in the field by Fire and Rescue Services, Police Forces and County Councils can now be automatically submitted for inclusion into the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) using GGP’s NGz software.
The address updating initiative which is termed "Candidate Processing" comes into force on 30th September 2011 and will help ensure the national database includes new properties, reflects changes in property usage and naming and archives out of date information.
“Candidate Processing is an important development for all users of the NLPG and, as we move forward, the National Address Gazetteer. It means that frontline service providers, working in the community visiting properties can contribute valuable intelligence to this essential database,” commented Tim Maxwell, Managing Director and founder of GGP Systems. “This ongoing process should ensure that address data remains up to date and complete so users have access to the right information first time. This is vital for the mobilisation of Emergency Services and will help Local Authorities and other organisations improve customer service, reduce fraud and increase revenue with improved billing.”
Local authority custodians maintain the NLPG and Candidate Processing allows for other users of the NLPG such as Fire, Police, National Parks, County Councils and Passenger Transport Executives to submit information gathered during the course of their day to day activities for inclusion within the database. Information submitted will include missing properties, alternative property identifiers such as house or business name, or an amendment to an existing record - for example a more accurate grid reference or a better description of property usage.

The software also provides options for Fire and Rescue Services and Police Forces to maintain "local only records"

The Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) Custodian is then responsible for either approving or rejecting the candidate record into their LLPG, based on the information submitted and other sources of intelligence available to them. These changes will be reflected in the next update they submit to the national hub.
The software; GGP NGz, can be used by the Fire and Rescue Service or Police Force to automatically submit candidates, by the custodian to receive submitted candidates and by the data originator to accept updated information back. The software also provides options for Fire and Rescue Services and Police Forces to maintain "local only records". if submitted information is, for some reason, rejected by the hub or custodian.


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