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Firefighters at Schiphol Airport to use XVR from E-Semble

Published on 30 July 2010
Schiphol customized airport for firefighting training
A trial license of XVR to the Schiphol
fire department by E-Semble
for firefighting training and education

A unique to the Schiphol Fire Department environment has been customized and offered by E-Semble.

E-Semble has offered a trial license of XVR to the Fire Department from Schiphol so that they can educate and train their personnel in command procedures.

Through a partnership with CAE, the XVR environment that is supplied to the Schiphol Fire Department will contain a full 3D model of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. AFS - Aircraft Fuel Supply, a long-time XVR user, has granted permission to add their 3D XVR model of storage tanks and a tank platform to the XVR training environment for the Schiphol Fire Department.

This allows E-Semble to offer the Schiphol Fire Department a unique, customized training environment. The Schiphol Fire Department will be able to organize both exercises for their own staff as multidisciplinary safety & security exercises together with public emergency services, Schiphol Operations, The Royal Marshals (De Koninklijke Marechaussee) and AFS.

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