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Fire Interruption Technology® fights four reported fires in one month

Published on 29 July 2010
Ara saftey pro new fire interruption technology device
Fire interruption technology device to
create safety neighborhood and
prevent property loss

From mid June to mid July, Ara Safety’s Fire Interruption Technology device was used in 4 reported fires, knocking down fires, creating a safer fireground, and preventing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property loss.

On June 13, firefighters from the Forestburg Fire Department of Alberta, used their Fire Interruption Technology device to knock down an attic fire. Using the Ara Safety Pro™, firefighters quickly contained the fire, considerably reducing smoke and water damage. The time bought by the Ara Pro ultimately prevented the total loss of the house and the family’s possessions. Read more.  

A week later in Ontario, Crews from Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue, used Fire Interruption Technology to bring a multi-room fire under control and make interior attack safer for fire crews. 

The Providence Volunteer Fire Department bought time with the Ara Safety Pro technology twice in one week. On July 7, the Ara Safety Pro knocked down a fire in a two-car garage, and bought time for crews to arrive. The Ara Pro prevented the fire from spreading to the interior of the house, minimizing damage and property loss. 

 One week later, the Providence Volunteer Fire Department used their Ara Pro device for a second time; this time, the Ara Pro bought valuable time and saved the neighboring structure from potential damage. 

To learn more about Ara Safety Pro™ Fire Interruption Technology, visit the Ara Safety website.

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