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Fire employees performance management enhanced by GoalSpan

GoalSpan has increased the management skills of fire and safety based organizations
GoalSpan services have reduced the paperwork within  fire organizations

Fire Districts using GoalSpan are in front by implementing what is considered to be "best practices" within their industry.

GoalSpan announced today that it has updated its website to reflect the growing number of industries it serves, placing special emphasis on Fire Service Organizations. GoalSpan is targeting Fire due to the tremendous benefits these entities achieve when automating their employee evaluation and performance management processes.

Fire Districts using GoalSpan are in front of those that don't by implementing what is considered to be "best practices" within their industry. Fire Chiefs that have implemented GoalSpan have made a name for themselves by improving their organizations. GoalSpan's configurable platform provides specific Fire service evaluation content, or uploads existing content which is delivered over our secure web-application.

Organizations quickly become "paperless," improving HR compliance, performance visibility, documentation, all while increasing internal efficiency and their ability to achieve objectives. "It is more important than ever to properly document employee performance" says GoalSpan CEO Jeff Hunt. "The most effective fire service organizations excel in the area of identifying top and bottom performers. GoalSpan helps them completely automate their evaluation and goal management processes, improving efficiency in the midst of continuing budgetary pressure."

GoalSpan improves compliance for Fire Service organizations by capturing electronic signatures for key documents, including policies and procedures, training documents and handbooks. Personnel can easily get bogged down by administration distracting them from their primary mission of serving the public. 

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