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Riverside County Fire Department "contradicts position" with board support

Published on 24 August 2010
Riverside County Volunteer Firefighter Association
Elimination of Riverside county
volunteer firefighters brought by fire
department is continuing to unravel

It appears the case for the elimination of Riverside County Volunteer Firefighters brought by the Fire Department is continuing to unravel. Two official Proclamations from the County Board of Supervisors have surfaced which directly contradict allegations contained in the August 10th proposal submitted by Fire Chief John Hawkins.

The Board's "Volunteer Firefighter Week" Proclamations dated April 20, 2009 and April 21, 2010, declare Riverside County Volunteer Firefighters: "...professionally trained men and women...year in and year out, provide thousands of hours to protect the lives and property of the citizens...and save the taxpayers of the county millions of dollars annually due to their training, dedication to duty and competence..." Both Proclamations are signed by all Supervisors.

"We truly appreciate these special recognitions from the Board and Fire Department," says Angel Sanchez, Chairman of the Riverside County Volunteer Firefighters Association. "However, these proclamations are also official evidence that Volunteer Firefighters are in fact highly trained, valuable, dedicated and work hard to serve the citizens of this County day in and day out."

The two Proclamations went on to say Volunteer Firefighters: "readily respond night and day to calls for assistance...leave the safety and comfort of their own homes to assist not only with the very dangerous suppression of fires, but also with all types of medical emergencies and disaster situations..."

Sanchez added: "Our investigation to refute these unfounded claims and uncover more evidence behind the real reasons for the Department's proposal is continuing. We expect to bring more information to light very soon." The 2009 and 2010 Board Proclamations are available.

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