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A truly environmentally friendly absorbent to be demonstrated at FRI 2009

Published on 30 July 2009

D2L Products will exhibit its environmentally friendly Green Stuff® Absorbent at Fire Rescue International 2009
D2L Products will exhibit its environmentally friendly Green Stuff® Absorbent at FRI 2009
New absorbent offers great reduction in carbon footprint

D2L Products of Colleyville, TX will be demonstrating their revolutionary Green Stuff Absorbent at Fire Rescue International 2009. "Environmentally friendly has not generally been a term that applied to absorbents of liquid spills in the past, but Green Stuff® answers the call in every way," said Dennis Tewell, CEO of D2L Products.

Traditional absorbents in the past have always been hobbled by inefficiencies that were tolerated by users because there were very few viable options. Green Stuff®Absorbent addresses these issues by being much lighter in weight, faster in absorption time, smaller in volume, easier to apply and cleanup, free of hazardous silica, more consistent in function, more versatile for diverse applications, and can be easily incinerated, virtually
eliminating disposal issues.

"Green Stuff® offers users a rare triple benefit, it helps workers do their jobs better, it greatly reduces stress on the environment, and, most unusual of all, it helps users save substantial amounts of money cleaning up spills," explained Erik Fortmeyer, VP of Sales & Marketing.

The "green" features of Green Stuff® center on a great reduction in users carbon footprint due to much less weight and space required and the incineration option which extends landfill life almost indefinitely. Green Stuff® already will reduce waste going to a landfill by at least 80% and will not leach into the ground like traditional absorbents.

Use of modern waste-to-energy facilities now coming on line offers the ultimate reduction in environmental impact as the energy in the waste can be recovered while leaving behind almost no harmless ash for disposal. "You basically turn potential liabilities and hazards into efficient fuel sources with Green Stuff®," Dennis Tewell added. With hundreds of tons of traditional absorbents being disposed of in dwindling landfill space each year, the positive impact on the environment by using Green Stuff® is literally enormous.

Regularly scheduled live demonstrations of Green Stuff® Absorbent on various liquids will be shown at booth #5212 throughout Friday and Saturday.

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