Morphix Technologies Chameleon gas detector cassette

Product Profile

Innovative hazardous chemical detection device. Morphix Technologies has revolutionised the simple colour change technology and made it rugged to meet the needs of first responders, law enforcement and military personnel under real-life conditions. The Chameleon easily attaches to the forearm for hands-free detection of gases and vapours in the air - no need for a liquid sample.


The Chameleon armband is field-configurable, allowing you to decide which chemical threats you need to detect. The Chameleon armband is designed for easy on/off to fit any forearm; even over turn-out gear. It can be used for one cassette or as many as ten.


The rugged design allows for use in hot and cold conditions and in wet or dry environments. Even after immersion in water - fresh or salt water - just shake off the residual water and detect the invisible threats.


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Technical Specification

Make Morphix Technologies
Manufacturer Morphix Technologies
Model code Chameleon
Type Gas
Additional info

Rugged design allows for use in extreme heat and extreme cold conditions and in wet or dry environments. Cassette shelf-life: 24 months room temperature. Cassette service life: 24 hours. Temperature range: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F). Humidity range: 20 to 100% RH.

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