SVT PYRO-SAFE Universal Bulkhead for cable protection

SVT PYRO-SAFE Universal Bulkhead Fire Suppression System Accessories
Model Code PYRO-SAFE Universal Bulkhead
TypeFire protection seal
Model Info

Fire safe universal bulkhead seal with fire resistance rating S90 in accordance with DIN 4102-9, and F90 up to F 240 in accordance with foreign standards. Retrofitting. Passage of cables of all types and diameters, cable bundles of up to about 10 cm diameter and cable carriage constructions made of steel, plastic and aluminium.

Necessary building part thickness: Wall: masonry ≥ 100 mm, concrete ≥ 100 mm. Bulkhead
thickness: wall: ≥ 125 mm, ceiling: ≥ 175 mm.

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