STI STI 6200WIR8 wireless fire extinguisher theft stopper

STI STI 6200WIR8 Detector
Model Code STI 6200WIR8
Model Info

STI STI 6200WIR8 is a wireless fire extinguisher theft stopper that features:

  • Supervised wireless 433MHz.
  • Includes 8-Channel Receiver.
  • Highly visible "stop sign" design discourages wrongful use of extinguisher.
  • Sounds a powerful 105 dB warning horn when activated, drawing attention in a hurry (95 dB low volume setting can be set if desired).
  • Up to 1000 foot (line of sight) range.
  • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing.
  • Compact patented design 5 in. (127mm) in diameter and 1.875in (48mm) deep.
  • Mounts easily next to extinguisher.
  • Deactivation cable provided for service by authorized personnel.
  • 9-VDC alkaline battery is provided.
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