OCV Control Valves 127NR valve provides fire flow at higher outlet pressure

OCV Control Valves 127NR Valve
BrandOCV Control Valves
Model Code 127NR
Inlet Size (in.)3.0
Model Info

Valve remains closed during normal usage. Automatically opens on a drop in downstream pressure. Provides fire flow at higher outlet pressure. Trip point and outlet pressure are both adjustable. Valve is manually reset to return to normal flow. Adjustable opening/response speed. Can be maintained without removal from the line. Available sizes: screwed ends - 1¼ - 3", grooved ends - 1½ - 6" and flanged ends -1¼ - 24" (globe) and 1¼ - 16" (angle). Body bonnet is made of ductile iron per ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12. Ferrous surface is coated with 4 mils of epoxy.

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