Nittan ST-I ionisation smoke detector

Nittan ST-I Detector
Model Code ST-I
Model Info

Technical Specifications:

  • Detector Type: Ionisation smoke detector
  • Sensing Element & Principle:  Dual ionization chamber , 33 k Beq, (0.9 Ci Americium 241)
  • Supply Voltage: 24V dc nominal (range 16V to 30V)
  • Voltage Ripple: 20% maximum
  • Alarm Voltage: 5V d.c.between +(terminal 3) and - (terminals 1,6) at 25°C
  • Monitoring Current: 40 Amps max. at 24V D.C.
  • Alarm Current: 65 mA. maximum
  • Charging Time: 20 seconds maximum
  • Ambient Temperature Range:  -10°C to +50°C 
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