Dafo Fomtec AFFF 3% UL

Dafo Fomtec AFFF 3% UL Foam Equipment
BrandDafo Fomtec
Model Code AFFF 3% UL
ApplicationFlammable Liquids
Model Info

AFFF 3% UL is intended for use on class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil, diesel and aviation fuels. It can be used with both aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices. The product is Tested according to UL 162 7th Edition. It is especially suited whenever rapid fire knock-down is essential. It is compatible with all dry chemical powders and can be used in powder/foam twin agent systems.

Technical Specifications:

  • pH: 7.5 +/- 0.5
  • Freezing point: -2°C
  • Pour point: - 0°C
  • Viscosity approx @ 20°C: < 15 cSt
  • Surface tension: Approx 18.5 dynes/cm
  • Suspended sediment (v/v): Less than 0.2%
  • Specific gravity @ 20°C: 1.02 +/- 0.01 g/ml


  • Clear Amber Liquid with long shelf life
  • Storage Temperature: -0 degrees C to 49 degrees C
  • Performance remains unaffected by freezing and thawing
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