ADICOS GSME L2/L3/HC EX fire gas detector with advanced criteria technology

ADICOS GSME - L2/L3/HC EX Detector
Model Code GSME - L2/L3/HC EX
Model Info

Fire gas detector. Detects a wide spectrum of fires already in the beginning phase. Detects special hydrocarbons, which leads to a new and more efficient suppression of permanently present fire simulating phenomena.

Suitable for enviornments with a high hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide background stress. Plug position for adapter-modules. Adapter-modules for various fire detection centres. Can be activated via MBus industrial network at PC with protocol and service software. Aluminum die cast housing (IP64). Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 60 mm. Supply Voltage: 20-40 V.

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