Professional Protection Systems Proflair Multi Use chemical suit

Professional Protection Systems Proflair Multi Use Protective Suit

The Proflair Multi Use air-fed chemical suit is a one-piece re-usable air-fed suit designed for all industries where protection is required from exposure to chemicals and particulates. The air hose delivers air to the suit through a tail sealed by a bung and external clamp. The air line is supported within the suit by a belt worn internally, fitted with an audible low-flow warning device. The air flow is distributed in the suit through a series of channels to the head and limbs giving a cooling diffused air flow around the users head and body. Users enjoy the protection of a suit (APF 200) without the need for mask fitting, giving free head movement and wide vision.


  • Unique high-strength, high-frequency welded seams with flat profile
  • Excellent all round vision through a high-quality optically clear visor
  • Optimised for active use giving freedom of movement and wide visibility
  • Air distribution channels provide increased comfort and reduced wearer stress
  • Emergency breather options available for safe egress in the vent of air flow failure
  • Hoses with additional reinforcement and built in communications connections available
  • Fall arrest harness and hard wire communication entry port options

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