Altronix AL1042ULADA remote power supply / battery charger

Altronix AL1042ULADA Thermal Imager

The Altronix AL1042ULADA is an extremely cost effective 10 amp remote power supply/battery charger. It may be connected to any 12 or 24 volt Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). Primary applications include Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC such as strobes and horns) expansion support to meet ADA requirements. It also provides auxiliary power to support system accessories. The unit delivers electronically regulated and filtered 24 volt power to Class B, Style W, Y or Class A, Style Z NAC loop circuits. Additionally, a separate 1 amp auxiliary output for 4-wire smoke detectors is available. The 10 amp max. alarm current can be divided between the four (4) outputs for powering NAC devices. Each output is rated at 2.5 amp max., and can be independently programmed for Steady, Temporal Code 3 or Strobe Synchronization. All outputs may be programmed for Input to Output Follower Mode (output will follow input. i.e. March Time Input, March Time Output). In non-alarm condition independent loop supervision for Class A, Style Z and/or Class B, Style W, Y FACP NAC circuits is provided. In the event of a loop trouble, the FACP will be notified via the steered input (input 1 or input 2). In addition, there are common trouble output terminals [NC, C, NO] which are used to indicate general loop/system trouble. A common trouble input is provided for optional [NC] (normally closed) devices to report trouble to the FACP. Two (2) FACP signaling outputs can be employed and directed to control supervision and power delivery to any combination of the four (4) outputs.

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