18 Mar, 2021 Asia/Kolkata

C-TEC’s webinar, themed – ‘Raising the Grade: The Evolution of Fire Protection in Residential Dwellings - How New Fire Detection and Alarm System Technology can Better Protect People and Property’, will answer the following key questions:

  • How the latest developments in fire detection and alarm system technology are being used to make people safer in the wake of the Grenfell disaster.
  • How property can also be better protected, reducing the societal loss of people’s homes and the need for re-housing and care following a fire.
  • How interfacing local ‘Grade C’ monitored fire alarm systems to a communal ‘Grade A’ system with Cloud based connectivity has many advantages for building occupants, landlords, firefighters and other stakeholders.
  • Why it is important to consider all of a dwelling’s occupants, current and future, and to ensure that systems are inclusive and meet the demands of the Equality Act.
  • Examples of ‘real-life’ applications where new technology is being used to great effect and a discussion on why there appears to be a reluctance by some to use it.

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