RESQTEC NT2 - the new standard for heavy pneumatic lifting

Product Profile

Rescue teams all over the world are replacing their old lifting equipment with the NT-series bags, as their unmatched performance, rapid and easy deployment make them capable to handle normal incidents fast; and, more importantly, beat situations that might otherwise become disasters.

NT-series have become the standard in lifting and creating space between structures. They provide the answer to the limitations and drawbacks you face with current lifting tools.

High performance, but easy to deploy, you will use them every chance you get.

Key features:

  • Unparalleled performance: a lifting capacity that is over 600% more then your current bags at full height
  • True connectability: allowing you to reach almost any desired height
  • Rapid and easy deployment: with total control
  • True versatility: tremendous lifting height, stability and the ability to lift pointed loads
  • Maximum safety: the highest safety factor - can be repaired after a puncture
  • Multi-purpose: the best features of both traditional low and high-pressure bags in one system
  • Low operation costs: perform the same tasks with half the amount of bags
  • Professional training: professional training CD-ROM to help you use them well


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Technical Specification

Manufacturer RESQTEC, Inc.
Model code NT2
Type High Pressure
Additional info

Max. lifting capacity: 23 tons. Min. lifting capacity: 4 tons. Weight: 8 kg. Lifting height: n x 275 mm (n = number of stacked bags). Working pressure: 10 Bar. Min. diameter inflated: 405 mm. Max. diameter inflated: 520 mm. Can lift directly on pointed surfaces. Grip handles for easy positioning. Connectable for stable lifting. Aramid construction.

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