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Tyco eco-friendly foam concentrate SKUM AP3x3 introduced at Firex 2011

Published on 31 May 2011
SKUM AP3x3 has received EN1568 approval and delivers performance equaling to that of modern AFFF and AFFF-AR foams

SKUM AP3x3 is safe for environment as it is devoid of fluorine and other halogenated organic chemicals

Tyco Fire Protection Products launched its groundbreaking  SKUM AP3x3 environmentally friendly, fluorine free foam concentrate this year at International Firex, the UK’s largest dedicated fire safety show.

SKUM AP3x3 foam concentrate is free from fluorine and other halogenated organic chemicals, addressing market concerns related to the toxicity of fluorine-based foam concentrates. It delivers maximum fire performance equal to, or even above, the level of modern AFFF and AFFF-AR foams and has been tested to the highest standards, achieving EN1568 approval, yielding optimum fire performance and burn-back ratings according to parts 3 and 4. It is also the first triple 1A rated fluorine-free foam for EN1568 standard on heptanes, acetone and isopropanol (IPA).

The concentrate proportions at 3% for both polar (water miscible) and non polar (hydrocarbon) liquid fuels, making this foam concentrate the ideal solution for all types of foam firefighting applications using standard foam proportioning and application hardware. The foam uses a unique formulation of new performance (patent pending) chemicals never before applied in firefighting foam technology.

Dr. Thomas Leonhardt, manager of agents research and development at Tyco Fire Protection Products comments: “SKUM AP3x3 represents the introduction of an entirely new class of foam concentrate. Providing high performance through cutting-edge technology, this foam concentrate marks new levels in higher quality, ease of use and reduced environmental impact.”

Also on stand will be Tyco Fire Protection Products’ ULF AQUAMIST (ultra low flow) water mist fire protection technology and ANSUL AQUASONIC water mist fire protection technologies. ULF AQUAMIST uses much lower water volumes than traditional sprinkler systems, discharged through its FM approved water mist nozzles resulting in up to a five-fold reduction in water usage.

Alan Elder, Sales Director for Tyco Fire Protection Products adds: “The key benefits of both the ULF AQUAMIST & AQUASONIC systems lie in the reduced water demand.” The fine mist produced by the ULF AQUAMIST system limits fire growth at an early stage. ULF AQUAMIST is a low pressure system, meaning lower installation costs and less disruption during installation. The complete system includes all nozzles, pump skids, valves, pipework and discharge nozzles, which are fitted by a trained engineer. Alan also adds: “Our trained engineers can provide CAD training and ensure that our customers receive the most appropriate package for their individual needs.”

The ANSUL AQUASONIC system produces ultra fine droplets designed for use in special hazard applications as an alternative to CO2 total flooding systems in Class B applications. The increased surface area due to the smaller droplets, absorb greater amounts of heat and expand to cool gasses and fuels, as well as pre-wetting combustibles in the area and preventing further spread of fire.

Also on show will be Tyco’s comprehensive range of gaseous fire suppression products, including the HYGOOD SAPPHIRE system with its vastly enhanced nozzle coverage and HYGOOD i3 Advantage. Experts from Tyco Fire Protection Products will be available on stand B20 to discuss all products in more detail, as well as the wider range of fire safety solutions available.

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