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TFT's QuadraFog nozzle series is FM approved

TFT's QuadraFog nozzle series is FM approved

Available in tip-only configuration for break-and-extend operations, or with stainless steel ball shut-off and optional colored pistol grip, TFT's QuadraFog selectable gallonage nozzle line delivers.

The QuadraFog 1” (25 mm) series, with break-resistant cut fixed metal fog teeth and optional foam attachments, delivers at 20-40-100-150 l/min @ 7 bar (5-10-24-40 gpm).

The QuadraFog 1.5” (38mm) offers fixed or stainless steel spinning teeth, and features 110-230-360-470 l/min @ 7 bar (30-60-95-125 gpm @ 100 psi), or low pressure 5 bar (75 psi).  The QuadraFog 1.5” (38 mm) is FM approved, NFPA 964 compliant and accepts low-or multi-expansion foam attachments.

When hard initial attack with limited staffing is a must, reach for TFT's BLITZFIRE 2,000 l/min (500 gpm) portable monitor - a light, “handline-maneuverable” monitor that shuts down automatically if destabilized.

The (oscillation optional) BLITZFIRE ships ready to stake and set for unmanned firefighting.  Six detent flow positions and a patented turbulence-free slide valve make manual gating simple.  Tailboard pre-connection allows immediate deployment.

Whether on porch, ground, or stairwell, BLITZFIRE'S low (10º above horizontal) attack “goes in the front door” with high fire flow.  Twenty degree side-to-side and up to 50º elevation make this a TFT bestseller.

For the storage-space conscious, there's the BLITZ LITE, a Euro-scaled version of the BLITZFIRE.  Same 2,000 l/min (500 gpm), low friction loss, and TFT five-year warranty - but smaller in size and price.


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