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Sprue introduces new SONA alarms to transform fire and carbon monoxide protection

Published on 19 January 2015
Sprue has brought its market-leading Thermoptek™ and Thermistek™ technology into the next generation SONA range
SONA produces 71% less carbon dioxide than other mains powered alarms

An innovative new range of home safety products is set to transform fire and carbon monoxide protection.

The new SONA range launched by leading home safety products manufacturer, Sprue Safety Products, brings together the latest technology in a simple range of three alarms – smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) – with a control unit, diagnostic capability and wireless options to offer the most technically advanced protection against fire and CO in a single, low-cost system.

In a move to simplify choice, specification and installation, Sprue has brought its market-leading Thermoptek™ and Thermistek™ technology into the next generation SONA range to demonstrate that clever alarms do not need to be complicated.

As the company’s most environmentally friendly mains powered smoke alarm and the only alarm to have a proven carbon footprint measurement1, SONA’s eco-friendly technology can make significant financial and emission savings.

On average, SONA produces 71% less carbon dioxide than other mains powered alarms2 and over ten years costs just 74 pence3 to run.

The ground-breaking Thermoptek technology built into SONA’s smoke alarms combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smouldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm. Its resistance to false alarms also makes the units less likely to be taken down from a ceiling and unlike ionisation technology, Thermoptek technology has no storage or disposal issues.

Featured in the smoke alarms fitted by 90% of the UK’s Fire & Rescue Services, this sensing technology removes the confusion between ionisation or optical sensors and what type of alarm to fit where, making specification much easier.

For installers, its ultra slim mounting base means quick and simple installation. The Wi-Safe® 2 option removes the need for time-consuming channelling and trunking, allowing wireless interlinking of up to 50 alarms in a single network within seconds.

SONA’s Class A1 heat alarm features the ground-breaking Thermistek sensing technology, which monitors the rate of temperature increase and alerts occupants to the danger of fire quicker. Up to 30 heat and smoke alarms can be interconnected on a single hardwired network.

The 10-year battery-powered SONA CO alarm is Sprue’s most advanced to date. Incorporating an advanced electrochemical sensor, it is resistant to false alarms caused by normal household contaminants. Featuring Wi-Safe 2 intelligent communication as standard, the SONA CO alarm can be interlinked to up to 50 other Wi-Safe 2 products.

The battery-powered alarm control unit completes the SONA product suite. Its test, silence, locate and memory functionality with Wi-Safe 2 intelligent communication is an easy way to control and manage a network of alarms.

10-year sealed-for-life battery backup across the range of alarms gives occupants and landlords peace of mind that all alarms will still work in the event of a power cut and also ensure that empty properties are protected.

“We believe that the industry is asking for the best technology in the simplest range,” said Nick Rutter, Sprue Safety Products Managing Director. “We believe we have delivered this in SONA. Fire safety doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be efficient and effective. Offering a straightforward choice of proven technology in a system that uses less energy and is quick to fit, makes life much easier by simplifying choice, specification and installation.”

SONA’s one-stop solution can make significant savings on costs, while saving the environment and most importantly, saving lives.

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