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MW Power and VectorCommand create a world first for the emergency services at Fire & Rescue

Published on 10 June 2009

MW Power's Microdrone being flown in the exhibition hall at Fire & Rescue 2009 - the first microUAV to have done so - beaming live images back to partner company VectorCommand's incident management system
MW Power's Microdrone flying in the exhibition hall at Fire & Rescue 2009
Innovative demonstration held at Fire & Rescue 2009

For the first time at any industry exhibition, a microUAV - the Microdrone by MW Power - was flown inside the exhibition hall at Fire & Rescue 2009, beaming live imagery back to partner company VectorCommand's Incident Management System.

VectorCommand have added a wireless UAV feed to their Fire Ground system to reflect the increased adoption of UAV by UK fire and rescue services. For Vector, the UAV is ‘just another live feed' and as such provides another source of data that can then be utilised by the incident commander in scene assessment and resource allocation.

Vector are the first organization to add this functionality which will be again demonstrated at the forthcoming ACPO/APA event, Manchester, July 2009.

The Microdrone is in operation at South Wales Fire and Rescue and West Midlands Fire Service.

West Midlands Fire Service will be running a trial of the new larger MD4-1000 with rugged basestation featuring an nDura laptop - all supplied by MW Power - in the coming months.

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