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Millions of smokers stub out cigarettes from the home

A woman smoking outside: according to a new study, more and more people are reacting to the ban on smoking in public buildings by smoking outside their homes, too

According to a new study, millions of people now prefer to smoke outside the home

Smoking ban reaches into the home

Millions of people are smoking their cigarettes outside of their home, according to a survey by leading home insurance provider, Swinton.

Since smoking was banned from enclosed public spaces nearly two years ago, many people are turning their homes into smoke free zones too. The poll of 2,000 of Swinton's home insurance customers found that 81% had completely banned smoking inside their home.

Of those questioned who currently smoke, 63% said that they go outside for a cigarette rather than having one inside their home. The main reasons for this was the smell (54%) and to protect non-smokers from second hand fumes (23%).

Women were the most likely smoke outside (86%) over men (74%). The most popular place to smoke was at the back door (72%) followed by out of a window (18%) and a small unfortunate few were confined to the garden shed (2%).

Recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics have shown that the number of adults smoking has reduced from 22% in 2007 down to 21% in 2008. Each year smoking causes 3,500 household fires in the UK which result in 80 deaths and up to 1,400 injuries (Figures from the Association of British Insurers).

To reduce the risk of causing a household fire through smoking, Swinton advises:

  • Don't smoke in bed
  • Never leave cigarettes unattended
  • Use a proper ashtray
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children

Steve Chelton, Insurer Development Manager for Swinton, said: "Each year there are thousands of home insurance claims for items damaged by cigarettes such as carpets and armchairs."

"Hopefully, now that more people are choosing to smoke outside we will see a drop in these claims, which may also help to reduce home insurance premiums."

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