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Metalogix Exchange Public Folder Migration Manager for fast and efficient content migration to SharePoint

Published on 5 October 2010
Metalogix software for quick and effective migration to SharePoint
TFT selects Metalogix Software to
facilitate their Public Folder
migration to Microsoft SharePoint

A worldwide leader in providing first responders with high quality, innovative agent delivery solutions, TFT chose Metalogix Software to facilitate their Public Folder migration to Microsoft SharePoint.

Metalogix Software, leading provider of Microsoft SharePoint migration, management and archiving solutions today announced that innovative manufacturing solution provider Task Force Tips (TFT) has chosen Metalogix's Exchange Public Folder Manager to move their Public Folder content into SharePoint 2007.

Ever since the invention of the fire pump, firefighters have been plagued with the difficulty of obtaining correct nozzle pressures for nozzles. Based on a simple and reliable design, Task Force Tip nozzles solve this dilemma by constantly adjusting to the varying pressures of the hoseline. TFT has championed the manufacturing and distribution of firefighting nozzles and equipment since 1971. Its sales force spans the globe, representing the Midwestern business in more than 60 countries.

As an organization serving mainly the public sector, when TFT needed to migrate content from Public Folders to SharePoint, they looked for a cost-effective migration solution that was easy, fast and would also allow them to flexibly re-organize content. When TFT cut over to Microsoft Exchange Server 14, the new version of public folders did not allow anonymous access and so the documents were not available to our shop floor people… information which is critical for them to do their job, they knew they would needed a shorter term solution while Microsoft was in the process of creating a work around for this.

Metalogix products empower organizations to securely and automatically migrate more ECM systems

"We do not have a huge amount of data in Public Folders but what we do have is very mission critical to us. While we had known that Microsoft was going to force us out of folders we have been dragging our feet on moving to SharePoint because of knowing how incredibly hard it was going to be to make the move," said Stewart McMillan, CEO of Task Force Tips. "I did a search for a migration tool on a Saturday night, found [the Metalogix] tool and thought it would be a perfect fit. I downloaded the code, fired it up and from my home did a migration of about 700 records. After a few tweaks and some tips we were up and running in a production environment on Monday, with everyone on the shop floor accessing the information. What we expected to be draconian busy work was an exciting process."

Metalogix prides itself on providing just this type of migration experience. Rasool Rayani, Co-Founder and Director of Metalogix explains: "our core mission is to provide easy to use, compliant and effective migration and upgrade solutions. Whether you are looking to migrate legacy content from ECM systems, websites or files into SharePoint, or upgrade versions of SharePoint, we've got the tools to make your job fast and easy."

Metalogix is the innovation leader in solutions that migrate content into SharePoint, keep SharePoint environments running smoothly, manage SharePoint content throughout its life cycle, and archive content for compliance and e-discovery. Metalogix products empower organizations to securely and automatically migrate more ECM systems than any other vendor into SharePoint 2007 or 2010, either on-premise or in the cloud. The Metalogix product suite is 100% Microsoft compliant because all products interact with SharePoint only through supported APIs.

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