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Increasingly, mist is a must

Published on 26 October 2006
Increasingly, mist is a must

For over a decade, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have been leaders in water mist technology. During that time, we have developed recognised expertise within the Automotive, Food and Internet Service Provider industries.

Looking foward, Tyco is now offering a new High Pressure WaterMist solution, MicroDrop®, that will enable us to further improve existing system applications and develop exciting new ones.

For a fire to survive, it relies on the presence of the three elements of the fire triangle: oxygen, heat and a combustible material. The removal of any one of these elements can supress or extinguish a fire.

MicroDrop® goes further. It removes two elements of the triangle, heat and oxygen, achieving this by dispersing water at a typical 100 bars pressure through specifically designed nozzles. Generally, as system pressure increases, the water droplets size decreases, which in turn causes the surface area of the water to grow significantly.

The larger the surface area, the more effective the system becomes in rapidly reducing temperature and oxygen at the flame front. In the event of a fire, a minimum of just 1 liter of water per minute flows through each nozzle, dependent on application. In addition, the system binds smoke particles to reduce smoke damage. This makes MicroDrop® system an extremely effective fire protection medium that significantly reduces asset damage and operational downtime in all "business critical" applications.

Add the concept of water mist to Tyco's reputation for delivering world-class services in fire protection, and you have a key reason why customers across the board are opting for a solution that is 100% environmentally sound and harmless to users.

For many users, the small amount of water used in high pressure watermist systems and reduced consequential damage, helps to attract lower insurance premiums. Installing MicroDrop® can be a good investment in several ways.

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