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Fire Interruption Technology from Ara Safety makes firefighting easier and safer

ARA Safety is an emerging world leader in life safety
Ara Safety's Fire Interruption Technology® quickly reduces spread of flames
Ara Safety's Fire Interruption Technology® saves $100,000 in property loss in a Christmas day fire in Ontario, and kicks off 2010 with three other reported deployments in Canada and the USA: two in Alberta and one in Pennsylvania.

A fire that started in an attached garage of an Ontario home on Christmas Day was fast spreading to the main entry of the home and spreading to the attic, when responders from the Springwater Fire & Emergency Services deployed their Fire Interruption Technology® device. The device quickly contained the fire and prevented further spread of flames, significantly reducing water usage and saving an estimated $100,000 in property damages.

The Edson Fire Department of Alberta used Fire Interruption Technology devices twice in less than two weeks: once to save a home from a kitchen fire and another to prevent spread of flames in a detached garage fire.

A kitchen fire was already fully involved, approaching flashover, when Edson firefighters threw their Fire Interruption Technology® fire suppression knock down tool into the seat of the fire through a broken window. The device contained the fire to the room of origin preventing its spread to the remainder of the Alberta home.

Ara's Fire Interruption device saves on water and gives time for fire fighting crew to arrive

Less than two weeks later, the Edson Fire Department used Ara's device to knock down a fire in a detached garage and prevent spread of flames. The fire had been burning for 15 minutes in the large wooden garage before the Fire Interruption Technology device was deployed. "This was our third [Fire Interruption Technology] deployment and all instances have been successful," said Deputy Fire Chief Tyler Robinson of the Edson Fire Department. "It has bought time for our engine crew to arrive and set up for interior attacks, made interior firefighting safer for our crews, and reduced property loss due to rapid deployment by first-arriving officers."

First on scene of a living room fire in a duplex in Harleysville, PA, and with the first in truck 4 minutes away, Fire Chief Todd Burns of the Harleysville Fire Department made the critical decision to deploy Ara's device to contain the flames and buy time until crews arrived. This decision likely saved the entire structure as the device prevented extension of flames to the walls, the apartment below, other rooms, and the attic with blown-in insulation. "If the fire would have gotten to the attic it would have taken off quickly and caused much more damage," said Fire Chief Todd Burns of the Harleysville Fire Department. "[Fire Interruption Technology] was able to stop that from happening."

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