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Beam detection served up to ‘Caja Mágica’ tennis complex

Published on 30 June 2009


Tried and tested smoke detectors
protect the ‘Caja Mágica’


The deluxe  in Madrid, Spain, recently opened and hosted the Mutua Madrileña Open Tournament from 8th-17th May 2009.

 As a part of its fire safety system, the venue is using around 50 assorted Fireray 50R and Fireray 100R beam-type smoke detectors to help protect the large indoor spaces created by the three main, fully coverable stadiums.

 With its largest stadium holding up to 12,500 spectators, and all three benefiting from retractable rain covers, effective fire safety throughout the large indoor area poses potential challenges. Reflective beam detectors, such as the Fire Fighting Enterprises Fireray models that have been installed, are designed specifically for situations such as this with each unit's beam able to sense smoke over a wide corridor of space.

Mr Jorge Cimorra of the local distributor TASC, explained the choice of the Fireray products for such a prestigious project by the system installer AGUILERA, "The Fireray 50R and 100R beam detectors are tried and tested products for detecting smoke over big, indoor spaces - and that's exactly what this installation needed. The minimal cabling and wall mounting are also really useful in a situation like this as well."

One Fireray 100R can detect smoke over an area as great as 1500m2 that would usually need about 15 point detectors to safely protect. An inherent benefit is the reduced aesthetic impact, as well as requiring a fraction of the cabling and maintenance due to the reduced number of detectors needed.

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