Solberg HI-EX Foam - high expansion synthetic foam containing hydrocarbon-based agents

Solberg HI-EX Foam Foam Equipment
Model Code HI-EX Foam
TypeHigh Expansion
Application MethodHi-Ex Generator
Nozzle TypeAir Aspirating
Model Info

Synthetic foaming agent containing blend of hydrocarbon-based surface active agents. Designed to be used in medium and high expanding air aspirating foam generators to produce foam with expansion ratios from 200:1 to over 1000:1. Clear, transparent liquid. Specific gravity ( 25º C): 1,00 kg/l; pH (25º C): 7,5. Viscosity: < 20 mm²/sec. Frost resistance: - 2º C (no quality loss after thawing). Minimum use temp: 2º C. Maximum storage temp: < 50º C. Sediments: none. EN 1568/2 and ISO 7203-2 tested.

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