Solberg 201AF AFFF 1 per cent foam concentrate for extinguishing hydrocarbon fires

Solberg 201AF Foam Equipment
Model Code 201AF
ApplicationFlammable Liquids
Model Info

Synthetic, freeze protected AFFF foam concentrate used effectively to extinguish hydrocarbon fires at 1% solution. Can be used with salt, fresh and brackish water. Clear, light yellow liquid. Specific gravity ( 25º C): 1,06 kg/l; pH (25º C): 8,0. Viscosity(25º C): 7 mm²/sec. Frost resistance: - 20º C. No quality loss after thawing. Minimum use temp: -18º C. Maximum storage temp: < 50º C. Sediments: none. Spreading coefficient: > 3 mN/m.  Approvals: CEN EN 1568 part 3; DIN no. SP 08/06.

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