National Foam Aer-O-Lite 3% Cold Foam AFFF concentrate

National Foam Aer-O-Lite 3% Cold Foam Clean Agent System
BrandNational Foam
Model Code Aer-O-Lite 3% Cold Foam
Intelligent Control?No
Early Warning Smoke Detection?No
Delayed Action Devices?No
Manual Release Device?No
LEED Compliant?No
Model Info

Environmentally responsible Aer-O-Lite™ 3% cold foam is a superior quality aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) which is used at 3% concentration to extinguish fires in hydrocarbon fuels. AFFF foam concentrates are designed for rapid fire knockdown by producing a thin aqueous film which spreads across the surface of the fuel, separating the fuel from oxygen. Aer-O-Lite 3% Cold Foam is used at 3% concentration in fire suppression systems and manually to fight fires involving hydrocarbon fuels such as crude oil, gasoline, and fuel oils.

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