Kidde Fire Systems A-500 fire simulator

Kidde Fire Systems A-500 Training Equipment
BrandKidde Fire Systems
Model Code A-500
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Aircraft mock-up sizes, fuel sources, incident fires, and options to meet your training needs and budget.

Available fires:

  • Fuel spill fires, multi-zones
  • Cockpit fire
  • Cabin fire
  • Overhead bin fire
  • Cabin flashover effect
  • Seat fire
  • Lavatory fire
  • Galley fire
  • Crew rest area fire
  • Baggage fire
  • Cargo fire
  • Electronic bay fire
  • APU fire
  • Oxygen bottle fire
  • Wing engine fire
  • Tail engine fire
  • Fuselage fire
  • 3D fuel line leak
  • Dual bogey undercarriage fire
  • Carbonaceous aircraft interior fires

Fuel choices:

  • Propane: Good flame characteristics with enviornmental compliance
  • Kerosene, Jet A-1: Maximum training realism. Kidde's unique control system and fuel atomization nozzles greatly reduce amount of soot and residual unburned fuel. More than 98% of fuel is burned during fire training exercises using Kidde's kerosene trainers.
  • Carbonaceous: Available for interior fires in lieu of propane-fuelled fires
  • "Dual Fuelled" Ability to burn either propane or kerosene
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