Hytrans HSHLTF for high volume pumping in multifunctional truck

Hytrans HSHLTF Pump
Model Code HSHLTF
Model Info

HydroSub HoseLayer Tank Fixed (HSHLTF) consists of installed HydroSub 150, driven by the truck's PTO, a hose layer container and a 4m3 water tank, all fixed installed on the truck chassis. Fast hose retrieval by the HRU, and high volume pumping over long distances combined in one multifunctional truck.

Fixed hydraulic displacement pump. Maximum operating pressure: 320 bar. Hose reels: Outer diameter Ø1000 mm, hose length 60 m. Submersible pump: Type HFS-3000, portable with wheels.

Capacity: (PN 10-3000-B) 3500 litres p/min at 10 bar, 2500 litres p/min. at 13 bar, minimum required water depth: 0.30 mtr. Hi-flow kit 8000 ltr/min. at 2.5 bar (optional).

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