Dr. Sthamer STHAMEX-ultraWet wetting agent concentrate

Dr. Sthamer STHAMEX-ultraWet Clean Agent System
BrandDr. Sthamer
Model Code STHAMEX-ultraWet
Intelligent Control?No
Early Warning Smoke Detection?No
Delayed Action Devices?No
Manual Release Device?No
LEED Compliant?No
Model Info

Dr. Sthamer STHAMEX-ultraWet is a wetting agent based on synthetic, surface active components. Used as fire water additive the wetting effect of STHAMEX-ultraWet is considerably higher than conventional foam concentrates at the same concentration. Its properties are as follows:

  • extinguishes without foaming
  • improves the wetting properties of fire water
  • lowers the surface tension of water
  • very low induction rate
  • highly efficient with minimal storage requirements
  • environmentally compatible
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