CommandSim Fire: Department Edition, multimedia training software

CommandSim Department Edition Software
Model Code Department Edition
TypeTraining / Planning
Model Info

Interactive multimedia software environment for firefighters and emergency response personnel to asssist in performing collaborative, hands-on training and practice of command & control, radio communication, incident command, strategy, and tactics.

Integrate video, photos, and clip art. Customisable library of smoke, fire, and HazMat effects with endless possibilities of new effects. Allows transitions among fire conditions, multiple location simulations, and interactive equipment simulation. Panorama and 360 degree views available.

Supports up to 100 concurrent players at one time, or more. Participants can move about scene on their own, "see" other participants on scene within their visual limits, and interact with one another and affect scenario evolution. Instructors can control exercise and participants with dynamic and scripted control, and track players.

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