Isotemp Isopant flame protective suit, resistant to acids and lyes

Isotemp Isopant Protective Suit


Jacket, bib trouser (optionally coverall), hood with firmly attached short vest, five-finger-gloves, (optionally boots), tote bag.


In case of oil accidents and pipeline repair works, if the inflammation of leaking fluids is probable. If, for instance, an ISOPANT-equipped man is splashed over with petrol and the petrol inflames immediately thereafter then only the petrol film would burn off without injuring the man. The face is protected against splashes by the front-mounted ISOTEMP® glass window.

Space requirement (in tote bag)

  • Complete equipment with boots: 470 x 330 x 260 mm
  • Complete equipment without boots: 450 x 210 x 250 mm


  • Permanently hard inflammable acc. to EN 531
  • Permanently waterproof acc. to EN 343
  • Absolutely windproof
  • Largely resistant to acids and lyes acc. to EN 467
  • Surface resistance at 5 x 108 ohm

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