CAIPS 2010

Event:CAIPS 2010
Type:Trade show / Expo
Dates:Sep 21 - 23, 2010
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
107, Amir Temur Street
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Event Overview

4th Central Asian International Exhibition: Protection, Security and Fire Safety – CAIPS 2010

CAIPS is the only significant event in Uzbekistan's security industry. The exhibition is an ideal launch pad for international companies entering Central Asia's technical systems and security market for the first time. CAIPS is a unique opportunity and effective marketing tool for demonstrating your company's potential and networking with industry professionals. The event allows companies to find local distributors and to assess the reaction of the market to their products.

CAIPS reflects the security industry on a national scale. The event is attended by key market players - manufacturers, suppliers, government officials, professional associations and publications.

Uzbekistan's security market

Uzbekistan's security industry is developing rapidly. This is due to the general growth of the global economy and to increased demand in individual industries for security services and systems - for example, the rapid development of the retail trade and the transition of magazines to self-service, the development of the construction industry and the use of new technologies for constructing "smart buildings". An additional stimulus for the growth of the industry is the threat from terrorist groups and organised crime. The exhibition will focus on the most pressing problems to which security companies will offer solutions with their best products on display at CAIPS.

Visitor Demographic (Geographical Regions/Countries): Uzbekistan

Visitor Demographic (Type):

• Company managers and specialists involved in fire safety and protection;
• Managers and specialists of operating units of industrial, trade, financial, storage and transport companies, and banking institutions;
• Principal engineers of major industrial and civil facilities;
• Safety specialists in design, assembly and construction companies;
• Representatives of small and medium businesses involved in the installation of security systems and devices;
• Representatives of law enforcement agencies and private security firms;
• Heads of information technology and information security departments;
• Technical directors.
Event Organiser
Organiser: ITE Uzbekistan
20, Oybek Street

Telephone +998 711 130 180
Fax +998 712 525 164

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