Ziamatic Corp.

  • PO Box 337, 10 West College Avenue, Yardley, 19067, United States of America (USA)
  • http://www.ziamatic.com
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Ziamatic Corp. Overview:

Ziamatic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of fire and safety equipment.

Ziamatic Corp. (ZICO) was founded in 1958 with the intention of providing the men and women in the fire services industry with products that make their profession safer and easier. Forty-nine years later, that is still our philosophy.

For almost half of the last century, ZICO has designed and developed many new products. With each new design, one thing has always been consistent: quality. Before a product has the ZICO name attached to it and finds its way onto the pages of our website or our catalog, it undergoes rigorous testing to be sure that it meets our high standards.

ZICO thanks all of our valued customers for all your years of support. We promise ot continue to provide you with quality products that fulfill your needs and surpass your expectations. You?ll always know that when you see the "ZICO" name on a product, it is built to last.

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Ziamatic Corp. news

Ziamatic Corp Launches QM-SLB-2 Stackable Scene Light Bracket To Secure Multiple Lights

Prevent stackable scene lights from tilting, shifting, and falling during transport with the all-new Stackable Scene Light Bracket from Zico. A single bracket can safely secure multiple lights. Model QM-SLB-2 features a flexible, rubber draw strap that gently but firmly holds the light(s) against the baseplate and a durable steel guard to minimize bouncing on rough terrain, curbs, and railroad tracks. Efficient And Effective Storage Solution The sleek, compact design requires minimal additional compartment space, making it an efficient and effective storage solution. “It’s a great way to protect your investment,” said Ryan Glover, Ziamatic Marketing Manager. “Scene lights can be expensive. You don’t want them tipping over and falling out when you open the roll-up door. You want your lights to last. You want to take care of them. Our new Stackable Scene Light Bracket can help you do that.”

Zico Unveils Affordable Cradles For SCBAs And Fire Extinguishers

Store spare SCBA cylinders, water cans, and fire extinguishers with these heavy-duty molded-plastic cradles. Two models are available: The Plastic Air Cylinder Cradle with Valve Strap, Model QS-PC-VS, features a rugged nylon valve strap that can be bolted nearby, looping around the cylinder neck for added security. Ideal for storing cylinders in wheel well compartments without needing expensive custom metal fabrication. The Plastic Air Cylinder Cradle with Tie-Down Strap utilizes the popular, heavy-duty Tie-Down Strap which loops around the cylinder and cradle with an easy-release buckle for security and speed. Great for use on compartment shelves and more economical than custom-made storage options. Cradle is a single piece of high-quality, easy-to-clean molded plastic. Mounts to virtually any horizontal flat surface.

Ziamatic Z-Falcon Demolition Tool For Fire Scene Rescues

The folding talons of Z-Falcon expands & locks into place like grappling hook, pulling back large chunks of debris each time Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) has crowned a new king of the fire scene—the Ziamatic Z-Falcon tool. Jabbing a pike pole or ceiling hook into the drywall often pulls back just shards and scraps. Not the Z-Falcon. Its steel-alloy penetrator head pierces the drywall like a javelin. Once through, the three folding talons expand and lock into place like a grappling hook, pulling back large chunks of debris each time. The result? The job gets done faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Z-Falcon’s handle merges comfort with multi-functionality, adding a 5-1/2” pry and 1-3/4” striking surface to expand its arsenal. The high-quality steel-alloy components are coated in manganese phosphate for maximum rust protection. The heavy-duty fibreglass pole is available in lengths of 48”, 54” and 60” with either yellow or orange colouring. A great choice for home renovation and room demolition too!