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Task Force Tips Inc. Overview:

Ever since the invention of the fire pump, firefighters have been plagued with the difficulty of obtaining correct nozzle pressures for nozzles.

Based on a simple and reliable design, Task Force Tip nozzles solve this dilemma by constantly adjusting to the varying pressures of the hoseline. First developed by Clyde McMillan, the Company is still managed with the personal touch of the McMillan family. Over the years, many additional products have evolved to make firefighting more effective and safer for firefighters around the world.

As a result, the company which first started in the family basement has grown many times to meet the expanding market demands. A constant interest in staying on the leading edge of technology, the in-depth use of computerization at all levels, and strong desire for continuing innovative research and development, has made Task Force Tips one of the leading companies in the fire industry.

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Task Force Tips Inc. news

Task Force Tips Announces The Working Fire Nozzle With Pressure Relief Of 150 Gpm And 160 Gpm

One can register for a learning presentation via Friday, October 23 at 3 pm CST to learn how the Working Fire can deliver initial attack fire flows for today’s fireground while LIMITING reaction force if one needs to send more GPM for the firefight. Deliver initial attack GPM for today’s fireground while limiting reaction force if one over pumps to send more GPM for the firefight or experience a GPM spike during a gated wye operation Fixed Flow GPM for today’s fireground with choice of 150 GPM @ 75 PSI or 160 GPM @ 50 PSI Pressure Relief above the rated initial nozzle rating that allows one to send more GPM while LIMITING reaction force Tactile Detent on Stream Shaper to prevent unintentional movement to fog Stainless Steel, Full Round 1-3/8” Ball Valve Hose packs through bail handle Fixed flow nozzle The Working Fire nozzle is a fixed flow nozzle available in one’s choice of 150 GPM @ 75 PSI or 160 GPM @ 50 PSI. It has Pressure Relief only when one needs to deliver more water for the firefight or experience a GPM spike during a gated wye operation. Above the initial rating of the nozzle the exclusive pressure relief feature of this fixed flow nozzle allows one to send more GPM and LIMIT reaction force vs. a Standard Fixed Flow nozzle without pressure relief that dramatically increases pressure and reaction force when one sends more GPM.

Task Force Tips Launches SHO-FLOW App To Determine Actual Water Flow Rates For Fire Hose Lines And Nozzles

Download the new TFT SHO-FLOW® app as this dual function application can be used with or without a SHO-FLOW Bluetooth® flow meter. As a stand-alone water flow calculator, many of these functions can be performed using established fire flow formulas. Water flow education videos The app also includes our H2knOw water flow education videos and recommendations for target fire flows when using water or foam. Head over to the APP store or Google Play to download. When used with a SHO-FLOW, get pinpoint accuracy and determine actual flow rates for fire hose lines, nozzles, as well as calculate true Pump Discharge Pressures (PDP), Nozzle Reaction, and Hose Friction, and perform a NFPA 1962 nozzle flow test.

Task Force Tips Announces The Working Fire Nozzle Fixed GPM Nozzle With Pressure Relief

TFT is offering a new nozzle to the North American fire service - The Working Fire nozzle. A 150 gpm @75 psi fixed GPM nozzle with TFT’s pressure relief. The new TFT Working Fire nozzle delivers performance when one needs maximum flows for a “working fire.” For everyday use, it is a 150 gpm @75 psi Fixed GPM Nozzle, but when one need even more GPM, the nozzle’s exclusive pressure relief system dramatically limits nozzle reaction. At low flows, just like every other fixed GPM nozzle, it is clear from the stream quality that optimum flow has not yet been reached. When one achieves the 150gpm rate, the nozzle flows great, and there is about 65lbs of nozzle reaction force. However when one needs a lot more GPM, that is where the Working Fire excels. Increase in reaction force By integrating TFT’s exclusive pressure relief, a 33% increase in flow rates only yields a 33% increase in reaction force. Compare that to a traditional fixed nozzle, which increases 78%. With the Working Fire nozzle, TFT is able to deliver high GPM (200 gpm) with about 30lbs less reaction force than other nozzles. The Working Fire is available in a break-apart or integrated, stainless steel ball valve configuration. Pistol grips, bail handles, and stream shaper are available in colors and spinning teeth are an option. The nozzle has a rugged, black hard coat finish with a black reflective Scotchlite trim. It has a tactile indicator and detent for straight stream that prevents unintended rotation into other streams.