Marmara Overview:

Marmara Fair Organisation was established in 1999. Ever since the organisation came into action, it has moved ahead in a steadfast and stable manner, presenting sector specific fairs in the market place. Accordingly, Marmara Fair Organisation has earned a reputable position among the fair/exhibition firms.

The head office is in Istanbul, further offices in Ankara and Izmir. Within all three offices, trained professional staff are working at the highest calibre to provide only the best services and results. Every detail, even if minuscule, is considered and calculated to provide the upmost quality in the sevices. The firm is working harder each year to improve the quality of the fairs it provides by striving to meet international standards.

Marmara news

Marmara Shares The Arrangements Made By Them To Safeguard Exhibitors And Visitors After The COVID-19 Outbreak

As Marmara Fair Organization, they will be making some arrangements for the health of the exhibitors and visitors within the scope of the return to the new normal after the COVID-19 outbreak. They are doing these arrangements to protect the health of the exhibitors and visitors. They will carry out the business meetings in peace and security by taking precautions and acting in measures, at the ISAF Exhibition and the technology exhibition IMEX, which is going to be the safest exhibition of all periods. Other preventive materials Marmara wishes everyone to have a good and productive exhibition by now First of all, they would like to remind that almost all of the preventive and prohibitor products used at each point are already within the scope of ISAF and IMEX Exhibition that are existing in the exhibitors’ range of products. ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions, which cover a large part of thermal cameras, access control systems, thermometers, masks, clothing and all other preventive materials that prevent COVID-19 from spreading, are the most reliable exhibitions due to the product range of the exhibitors. Their precautions will not be limited to these; they will be shaped by the highest level measures that can be taken according to the conditions of the day and future demands. They will take all the necessary precautions in accordance with the conditions of the day to ensure that the exhibitors and visitors receive the highest efficiency from the exhibition by paying attention to their health. Marmara wishes everyone to have a good and productive exhibition by now!

SHF 2016 To Take Place In Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM) On September 22nd - 25th, 2016

SHF 2016 is the only exhibition specific to the industries of Fire, Emergency and Search&Rescue Final preparations are about to reach completion for the International SHF Exhibitions which will take place in Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM) on September 22nd - 25th, 2016. Turkey's the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions in the Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition and Fire&Rescue Exhibition are SHF Exhibitions are getting ready to bring together all industry. Civil society organisations are in fire & rescue exhibition Scheduled to take place in Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM) and it continues its preparations in the new period at full speed as the exhibitors and visitors wait with excitement. It is the only exhibition specific to the industries of Fire, Emergency and Search&Rescue! The Fire&Rescue section of International SHF Exhibitions is not only attended by the leading companies in the industry but also supported by important public institutions and related foundations every year. Continuing to make activities to raise awareness in our society with social responsibility approach, civil society organizations will welcome their visitors in Fire&Rescue Exhibition on September 22nd - 25th, 2016, sharing information on searching, rescue and emergency matters. As the event will take place with the attendance of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and General Directorate of Forestry, Department of Forest Fire Combating, also the ?stanbul, ?zmir and Ankara Metropolitan Head Offices of Fire Brigade Departments as well as fire-fighters from 81 provinces across Turkey will attend the event as exhibitors and visitors. Heavy interest for SHF 2016 Other title of SHF 2016 is Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition SHF - Safety&Health gathers bests in sector. New technologies to minimize the risk of accidents and occupational diseases caused by unhealthy working conditions will be displayed in Istanbul Expo Centre on 22-25 September 2016. By entering the last 4 months, most collaboration agreements with related associations, sectorial publications and similar exhibitions held abroad has already signed. There is heavy interest even now for SHF 2016. Set to bring together all the players in the occupational safety and health industry and host over 15,000 industry professionals, the 5th International Safety&Health Exhibition continues to be the largest local exhibition in the industry with the attendance of the "Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Centre for Labour and Social Security Training and Research (CASGEM)" and its support for the industry in 2016. Risk minimisation To minimize the risk of accidents, technological solutions will also be at the exhibition! The single meeting address for the Public, Private Industry, OSH Professionals and Non-Governmental Organizations, continuing to grow with the attention and support of the industry, Public, Private Industry, OSH Professionals and Non-Governmental Organizations, SHF Safety and Health Exhibition has gone beyond being just an exhibition in terms of the value and significance it represents. 5th International Safety&Health Exhibition is been showing as an organization need to visit for the high risk companies.