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Fire Science Academy, University of Nevada

Fire Science Academy, University of Nevada
100 University Avenue
United States of America (USA)

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The Hands-on Training Specialists

Offering one of the finest emergency response programs and training facilities in the world, the University of Nevada, Reno Fire Science Academy (FSA) includes a 426-acre, state-of-the-art training campus in Carlin, Nevada, as well as specialized training programs — conducted on-site or customized and offered anywhere in the world.

The FSA’s vast hands-on training facility and comprehensive programs are designed to challenge even the most seasoned personnel, serving private-sector industries including petrochemical, aviation, mining, technology, transportation and hospitality as well as municipal, county, state, federal and international agencies and governments.

Backed by years of training expertise, the academy’s instructors, industry experts and staff support a renowned classroom curriculum augmented by exceptional hands-on training exercises for real-life incident command and response.

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