ACSI QuickFlate 1517 inflatable emergency single person shelter

Product Profile

At the core of the all new QuickFlate 1517 line of emergency shelters is ACSI's rugged NAB skeleton structure that is lightweight, resilient, strong and stable. Deployment is a nearly automatic and one person job requiring less than five minutes in even the most hostile conditions for full decontamination deployment. Available in command and decon configurations.


  • Neoprene air beam structure
  • Single person deployment
  • Foolproof inflation with dual overflow protection
  • Stays inflated for days without refilling
  • Integrated entry and exit colour code signage
  • Heavy duty zippers and materials
  • Large entry openings with multiple configurations
  • Removable canopy for cleaning or colour change
  • Commercial durability
  • Six separate 8" duct openings for hot or cool air
  • Optional decon configuration
  • Optional portable water and air heaters
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer ACSI Advanced Containment Systems, Inc.
Model code QuickFlate 1517
Type Portable
Additional info

Pressure: 3-6 psi
Overfill protection: yes
Fill from either side: yes
Dimensions: 17 x 14.8 x 8.66 ft
Storage: 46 x 30 x 24 inches
Weight: approx. 154 lbs

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