22 Oct, 2020 Europe/London

Hot work which includes grinding, welding and torching, is a major cause of blazes on construction and refurbishment sites, leading to millions of pounds worth of damage each year. The Fire Protection Association (FPA) will be joined by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) to deliver a webinar specifically for those responsible for fire safety during refurbishment and roofing works of any building.

The FPA will open the session talking about fire safety during hot work in a broader setting and best practice. They will outline how their affordable thermal imaging guidance can further support safe hot working and the NFRC will complete the session with bespoke guidance to working on roofs.

One of biggest risks facing the roofing industry is roof fires caused by hot works. After a growing concern within the industry over the number of roof fires caused by gas torches, NFRC felt something had to be done to mitigate the danger. In July 2017, NFRC launched the Safe2Torch industry initiative. The Safe2Torch guidance identifies where it would be considered that a torch applied product is appropriate and where such products should be avoided, the guidance is further supported by a Safe System of Work (SsoW), pictorial checklists and training module.

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